Whether large or small acreage, and whatever your goals, we can work with you to move in the direction you desire. We provide assessment and consultation, followed by recommendations and product application services to improve the health, vitality, and productivity of your land.

Sustainable Growth Texas has closed its doors as of July 1st 2023. We thank everyone who we have worked with over the years and hope we had a life changing impact for everyone we've met. Please use the 'Contact Us' page for any inquires about SGTX.

Consulting and Land Assessments

  • Pasture Walks emphasizing dynamics of plant diversity, soil biology, insect and wildlife interactions.
  • Proposals of services for transitioning from chemical to natural, chemical-free pasture/prairie growing systems.
  • Examining microbes, soil, and insect dynamics for grass fed beef operations.
  • Soil tests using Albrecht base saturation information and in-house microbial quality evaluation.

This product contains a blend of liquid biological amendments manufactured by SGTX (liquid compost extract and biological inoculants) as well as selected microbial strains that serve situationally particular functions.  The mix includes trace elements, bio-active growth stimulants, and ancillary carbon ingredients to feed the microbes when they land on new territory. The aim here is to add life to the soil, increase microbial diversity, and get more parts of the soil food-web working to your benefit. Benefits include increased soil organic matter, improved water retention, deeper plant roots, less erosion, increased natural nutrient cycling, reduced plant stress, greater drought resistance. And as always, hold more carbon in the soil. The use of this blend is the first step in many SGTX soil fertility programs. Seasonal conditions need to be taken into account for this product.

In combination with your goals and land, we’ll use our observations and testing methods to formulate custom blends of soil microbes, humus, and nutrition to match the plants and landscape you want to grow on your property or space.

Biological and Organic Fertility Services and Recommendations

  • SGTX Basic Solutions are the extraction of Liquid Compost Extract (LCE) as either a Bio-Augmentation Mix™ or Bio-Stimulation Mix™ and the SGTX Dry Mineral Mix™.
  • Restore pasture and prairie lands to healthy grazing systems based on native grasses.
  • Build soil life in pasture and prairie lands for wildlife health and diversity.
  • Improve drought tolerance and overall resilience of your natural systems by holding more carbon and water in your soils.