Consulting and Land Assessments

We want to know what’s happening on your land! From our walk together in your pastures we can share what we see and then customize a program for your approval. Your goals, our methods and know-how can blend to set up a live, functioning eco-system, even in Texas’ weather extremes!

  • Pasture Walks emphasizing dynamics of plant diversity, soil biology, insect and wildlife interactions. 
  • We do charge a small fee for this initial walk. Once you’re a client we try to come as often as once a year – sometimes more. 
  • Proposals of services for transitioning from chemical to natural, chemical-free pasture/prairie growing systems
  • Examining microbes, soil, and insect dynamics for grass fed beef operations
  • Soil tests using Albrecht base saturation information and in-house microbial quality evaluation
  • We want to make sure our programs are meeting your goals, and a pasture walk is always a good way to catch up with what’s happening with you and the land.

Taking Notes

  1. What grasses are growing? 
  2. Are they standing up with vigor? Or struggling?
  3. Are they natives?
  4. Are the plant slow successional or high successional?
  5. Legumes? Forbs?
  6. Lots of diversity or not?
  7. What weeds are growing and what do they tell us?
  8. Is there some glaring mineral/nutrient deficiency?
  9. Is heavy chemical use apparent?
  10. Are pastures a monoculture or multi-culture?
  11. Which cultural practices are evident?
  12. Is the mowing appropriate for the type of grass growing?
  13. Equipment used for what?
  14. Using rotational, mob or continuous grazing?
  15. Clean water?
  16. Shade for Texas heat?
  17. Irrigation?
  18. Brush control?
  19. What do the animals look like? (Skin health? Temperment? Odor? Herd health?)
  20. Manure color and consistency?
  21. How deep are the roots?
  22. Do they run vertically or horizontally?
  23. Are there feeder roots?
  24. Are mycorrhizae apparent?
  25. What color are the roots?
  26. Are the roots cycling nutrients?
  27. Is Calcium available?
  28. Is the land compacted? Crusted?
  29. How balanced are the minerals?
  30. Is wildlife visible? Birds, butterflies, bees, dung beetles, earth worm castings, droppings from all sorts of wildlife?

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