Jump Starting Natural Processes in Large-Scale Projects

SGTX has in-depth experience managing Parks Department and subdivision landscapes, roadside trees and vegetation, flood control detention basins, and mine reclamation/re-vegetation sites – as well as broad-acre agricultural and prairie sites.

We prepare and apply custom blends of soil microbes, humus, and nutrients to match the plants appropriate for the project, while enabling natural growing systems to emerge and thrive. When setting up a natural system it’s important to understand that this is a process and not an instant event. The goal is to build a functioning ecosystem that moves energy through the site and to the surroundings while matching the goals and budget of the project. We use no synthetic chemicals, herbicides, or insecticides for these programs as they are detrimental to the constituents (microbial life, insects, plants) that build the system and flourish within it.

Our SGTX custom blends are based on:

  • The particular type of project
  • Condition of the existing site
  • Phase of a project (establishment or existing, etc.)
  • The sites previous history
  • The current level of soil life
  • The sites quality and vibrancy
  • Varied seasonal weather conditions
SGTX Bio-Augmentation Mix ™

This product contains a blend of liquid biological amendments manufactured by SGTX (liquid compost extract and biological inoculants) as well as selected microbial strains that serve situationally particular functions.  The mix includes trace elements, bio-active growth stimulants, and ancillary carbon ingredients to feed the microbes when they land on new territory. The aim here is to add life to the soil, increase microbial diversity, and get more parts of the soil food-web working to your benefit. Benefits include increased soil organic matter, improved water retention, deeper plant roots, less erosion, increased natural nutrient cycling, reduced plant stress, greater drought resistance. And as always, hold more carbon in the soil. The use of this blend is the first step in many SGTX soil fertility programs. Seasonal conditions need to be taken into account for this product.


SGTX Bio-Stimulation Mix ™

Contains a blend of microbial foods, bio-stimulants, soluble minerals, trace elements, and organic nitrogen/carbon sources to feed soil biology. The purpose is both to stimulate soil food web functioning and to provide a boost of energy at critical times. Seasonal conditions need to be taken into account for this product.


SGTX Mineral Mix™

A dry mix which is applied the ground’s surface. It contains aggregate materials (humic acids, calcium, phosphorus, etc), as well as rapid and slow-release energy for plants. Aggregate materials provide porous carbon-based food for soil microbes. Also, we’ve included trace minerals and mycorrhizal fungi suited for the grasses/shrubs being planted. This nutrient blend provides the microbes with foods easily accessed both in short term and long term, setting the table for successful microbial community development. This Mix can also be paired with a SGTX Hi-Carbon Mix application for greater results. Fifteen to fifty lbs/acre should be applied, depending on the use of the site. This mix is predicated upon the presence of a robust soil food web. Seasonal conditions need to be taken into account for this product.